Airtight Homes

Is Your Home Airtight?

Airtightness is an important aspect to consider when building a new home. It determines how healthy and comfortable the home will be. The airtightness of a home can be measured with a blower door test.

A blower door test is a procedure that should be done when building a new home. The blower door test depressurizes the home and helps identify any air leakage points. During the test, outdoor air enters the home through various places such as windows, electric outlets, and fireplaces. To identify any air leakages, smoke testing and thermal imaging are used. After the test is completed, the air changes per hour (ACH) for the home will be determined.

This test will help provide cost-effective solutions to lessen the cold spots in your home and to reduce the utility bill. An airtight home will reduce the amounts of moisture inside the walls to ensure there is little to no mould growth. Airtightness is important because it will help your home become more energy-efficient, sustainable, and comfortable. Above all, airtight homes will help improve indoor air quality because it will block out any outdoor pollutants.

This test is required in almost all cities in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, so it is most likely that you will need to follow through with this process.